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Tesla Energy Institute RDII Inc.

Tesla Energy Institute Research Development Innovation Incorporated was founded with the goal of conducting applied research, development, innovation, and market commercialization of breakthrough technologies and providing education in the fields of Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Storage, Environmental Science, and Social Development. 

Philosophy and Rationale

The Institute supports forward thinkers of national and international energy development, being inspired by the great innovative mind of a scientist, inventor, visionary - Nikola Tesla.

 Working in collaboration with industry partners, we develop various energy projects in power generation, distribution, storage, and environmental science hat empower people and communities globally to engage in high-quality exchange of cooperation in science and engineering, education, research and innovation in energy sector.

Tesla Energy Future Conference

Tesla Energy Future International Conference 2018 is an annual three day conference organized by Tesla Energy Institute RDI Inc. and its partners. This year we are hosting our event in Montreal on October 16-18, 2018. 

The goal of this conference is to connect professionals and visionaries in the fields of power generation, power distribution, power storage, environmental science, education as well as representatives from government and funding sectors for development and promotion of clean and environmentally-friendly technologies. 

Click here to view Conference Program for this year. 

Current Projects

Pehonan Hydroelectric Project

Tesla Energy University

Tesla Energy Electricity Exchange

Core priorities

Priority One

Establish the Institute as the Canadian model of research, development and innovation in the fields of Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Storage, Environmental Science, and Social Development.

Priority Two

Create an ecosystem of continuous research, development, innovation and market commercialization by continuous improvement as part of the Institute’s long term development.

Priority Three

Establish Tesla Energy International University as a degree granting institution in electrical engineering.

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Tesla Energy Institute RDII Inc.

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