Our Projects


  1. Tesla Future Energy International Conference 
  2. Renni Brenda Piscitelli Scholarship Award
  3. Educational Hub Morocco
  4. Tesla Energy University Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
  5. First Nations educational initiatives Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia
  6. Science and Engineering Curriculum Development 2-8 grades Ontario
  7. Teaching/learning Online Collaboration Tool Ontario, Canada

Research Development Innovation and Commercialization

  1. Grid – Security and Flow Ontario, Canada
  2. EV – Storage Capacity, Range, IoT Ontario, Canada
  3. Online Collaboration Tool for Environmental Stewardship Ontario, Canada
  4. Solar Power Generation and Micro-grid Development/Solutions Canada and Morocco
  5. Energy Mix and Renewable Sources Generation Morocco, Africa
  6. Waste Management and Renewable Energy Sources Ontario, Canada and Caribbean
  7. Solar Distribution and Transmission projects Ontario, Canada
  8. Tesla Energy Electricity Exchange (blockchain technology)
  9. Methane Powered Generator project Ontario, Canada

Power Generation

  1. Pehonan Hydroelectric Project Saskathewan, Canada

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Our Feel-Good Projects

XO Tesla Score

XO Tesla Score is a online tool for building more awareness about values established by the great scientist Nikola Tesla in science, engineering, and social development. 

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Austin Healey Electric Vehicle

Tesla Energy Institute is  transforming a small open sports car, Austin-Healey, into fully road-ready Electric Vehicle with goal of promoting and educating the youth about technologies of tomorrow and raising awareness for clean energy in our daily lives.

Westinghouse Project

Our initiative is to refurbish original elevator motors built by Westinghouse Canadian Operation in Hamilton (1929) and create a permanent display at Canadian Westinghouse building in Toronto.

Solar Panel Project

​It is our organization's goal is to be at the forefront of policy development in field of renewable energy technologies and, therefore, Tesla Energy Institute RDII Inc. has been working on establishing a solar lab which will include a facility for research, development and innovation in PV panels/modules, considering the growing provincial interest in solar power generation.

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